Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Circle of Friends Weekend

Had an absolutely fantastic time
at IslandWood participating in
Circle of Friends this last weekend.

This is a retreat for women to
connect with friends while
supporting the fantastic programs
IslandWood offers to children.

This was my second year participating
in Circle of Friends. I loved it so much I talked my
good friend Marilyn, from California,
to come and participate.

I taught a couple of workshops
making soldered  glass charms.

 I also took a Nia Dance workshop
taught by a wonderful instructor, Susan Tate.
What an amazing weekend!
How uplifting it was to be
with such beautiful,
creative and supportive women.


  1. It was so awesome! Love the picture of the Spirit in the Woods. Everyone here -- at work -- loves the charm I made. They want to get you down here to do a Home Charm making party! We will have to make a plan! xo mares

  2. It was extra fun because you were there, Mares.
    LUV YA,

  3. Michael was right, you do take some fabulous photographs. Glad you had a good time at your retreat. Take care.

  4. Thanks Brian. I just LOVE my husband, Michael. He's my biggest fan!

  5. Wow, yes I am in Fresno..What a small world! There are a lot of Armenian people here. I LOVE the diversity of Fresno!


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