Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flowers in the GARDEN

I like to group different photo encaustic
paintings together .

Check my shop for a variety of
encaustic covered photographs.


  1. They look beautiful the way you have them grouped together, Susan. I love the bird's nest. I'm sure I've said this before, but it's worth repeating~ you are very talented.

  2. Hydrangeas are my favourite flower, I love the softness and colour you've caught.

  3. Susan, you amaze me every time. I am at a loss for words. The groupings you have shown remind me of my Grandma's garden. When I went to visit her I would always be enamored by the brilliant colors her flowers were. She had planted for 50 years there. There were flowers as far as you could see. I often wondered how she watered all of them. She lived in upper state NY and I lived in FL. Here if you didn't water the flowers they would wilt. She had no running water in her house. I would have to pump the water into a barrel for her. I asked her once when I was about 9 years-old, "Grandma how do you get water to your flowers?" She answered, "Honey, I just pray!" Now that I am grown I understand that :) I really enjoy all your work but I love Summer Love. I have lived by the beach here all my life. Summer Love. What a beautiful place in time and space. Thank you for talent as I am sure it is a grand gift. Laurie BitchingRead


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