Friday, October 16, 2009

Grandma's SCISSORS

My dad's mom was an amazing seamstress. She raised her family in South Dakota during the "Great Depression." I have some things she made. She reused everything, like old flour sacks beautifully embroidered for dishtowels. (Used for many years, yet very few stains.) I inherreted her love of sewing and her sewing scissors.

I feel this encaustic photo painting is a tribute to her ability to enhance life by making everyday items beautiful. I will be offering this photo encaustic in my shop.


  1. The whole love affection and the care contained in small treasures... things done with the hands kept in the memory and in the heart.
    Blessings the mothers grandparents and wonderful women that they fill our life of tenderness.
    wonderful tribute.

  2. Hello Susan! Thank you for your comment! I also find your art very beautiful...I particularly love the scissors of your grandma and the autumn photos!!!

  3. Amazing, absolutely astonishing how well a simple pair of scissors can look. They do remind me of my mothers scissors. She also loves to sew. Hope you have a nice weekend.


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