Thursday, October 29, 2009

make a WISH . . . . . .

Encaustic photo painting using four
3 inch x 3 inch blocks. This fun encaustic
painting will be in my shop soon.


  1. Hello there; I 'm enjoying your blog and your art!..,

    What's an encaustic photo painting?..,Please feel welcome to pop by to see my blogs..,

    Cheers form Silken Purse

  2. i LOVE it.....and it fits you perfectly....! :))

  3. Wow! This is so cool. I love the color of the sky in the background.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend and Happy Halloween!

  4. Fabulous this one! Do let us know when it's up for sale...Ange

  5. susan how wonderful childhood memories you have brought to me today. I would search my yard as a child to see how many "wishmakers" I could find. My wishes were simpler back then. This peice of art reminds me that wishes can still be simple in this complex world we live in. Thank you for the memories.


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