Friday, November 13, 2009

Ferry Ride . . .


The kids had no school on Veterans Day. It was a beautiful day to take a little trip on the ferry. 


  1. That I miss...taking the Ferry to Widbey Island ...I miss Washington very much ... Have a great weekend! Mica

  2. Ohhhhh..those photos are stunning and beautiful. The ride looked like a lot of fun. I would go on one, but, I have a fear of water!!!!! =O


  3. Awsome photos. I love riding on the ferry. You live in a beautiful area.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. We had a ferry here. For many years we would ride it over to the other side of the river. I have fond memories of riding it. However,I had been to young to document it with beautiful pictures as you did. It has since been retired thanks to a bridge. Darn bridge! I have been searching through your art to buy someone special something for christmas. I think I have found an item or two:)Thank you for your wonderful work. Laurie


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