Thursday, November 19, 2009

Potatoes from the garden . . .

I love to garden. I feel it's just another way to be creative. I have grown all sorts of vegetables, but this is the first year I have grown potatoes.

What a fun and easy vegtable to grow.

 After reading this fantastic book, a few years ago . . .

. . . I only want to feed my family organic potatoes. Michael Pollan is a fantastic writer. His writing style is fun and easy to read. In this book, he gives some very interesting information about plants and plant history. In one section of the book, he writes about the potato industry and the massive production of genetically engineered potatoes.


  1. if i had a garden, i would grow potatoes just like these! i love potatoes....and the color is fabulous!! :)

  2. Those potatos look absolutely yummy! I LOVE potatos. :) Happy Thursday!


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