Thursday, January 21, 2010

Become a FACEBOOK Fan . . .

If you are a "fan" of my facebook page, THANK YOU! If you are not I would LOVE for you to become a fan. I am planning tooffer discounts on items in my Etsy shop to my fans. I have been reading about how facebook is a fantastic marketing tool, so I am trying to build up my fan listing. I have also put some advertising on facebook. Look for this icon -  I've created an ad using this encaustic bicycle painting. It would be great to know if you  ever see it on facebook when you are chatting with your friends. 

I would also like to know if any of you are using facebook as a marketing tool for your art. It would be great to know what you think. Thanks so much!


  1. I use it and it helps because all of my lovely friends are now aware that I am selling my artwork. It's new for me, so I have to get the word out there. I don't know exactly how many sales it has gotten me, but I know of at least a few.

    Check it out!

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