Friday, January 15, 2010

Coloring Fun . . .

 I wanted to share with you a cute book. Over the holidays we had some of my relatives from the UK stay with us. For a Christmas present, one of my daughters received this great coloring book from a cousin.

I am showing you some of the pages before we start to color. Yes, we - I think I'm more excited about coloring in this book than my daughter.

This book has so many fun designs  and illustrations. There are some craft ideas as well.

 Lots of pages to keep us busy the rest of the winter.


  1. That is the best and most fun colorbook I have ever seen! Oh, my!

  2. Susan, that coloring book is just too awesome. Thanks for sharing it. Blessings!

  3. Love it! Seriously cute book. Such a good idea to share that with us!

  4. what a wonderfully grown up colouring book - I actually like it just how it is and would love one !

  5. susan, i am soooo glad i found your blog!!! i loooooove your art!!!!!!!! & also this fashion book your highlighting...i want to get it for my niece who loves fashion! i'll also add myself as a follower... oh, your heart MUST be beautiful!!!!

  6. How fun. I know I would love coloring in it.


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