Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the Journey . . .

Yesterday I told you two of my goals for 2010.
*Create art every day.
*Organize my workspace and business papers.
Here are two more -
*Spend "real" time with my family - not just sitting together watching a movie. (Watching a movie is nice too, but I want to make more of an effort to do fun things together.)
*Exercise - ok, ok it sounds like a New Year's Resolution that everyone makes. But, I use to run 5 days a week at least 3 miles a day. This last year I have slacked off so much. I love the way I feel after I exercise. I really do have more energy and I seem to have more patience.  So with that said, this is an important goal for me.


  1. Two excellent additions to you resolutions for 2010. Family and exercise are very important for a healthy life.

  2. Great goals/resolutions. I read once that if you aim at nothing, that's what you'll hit. I wish you every success! Blessings!

  3. Oh if only you were closer, I'd run with you! I use to run the same as you & now i have SOOOO fallen off the wagon! :(

  4. Real time is a tricky one. it's funny, my kids are teens now and we eat together every morning, every night, watch some shows together and surf together, but there are times when it doesn't feel as 'real' as it should, like when you're driving, they're always texting. We often say "no cell phones" on sunday or when we're out to dinner or shopping. that way we can talk without 'text' interruptions.

    i just started back with my running program and yoga, too. it's so important to give yourself this time.


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