Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Mixed Media Encaustic Painting

In this encaustic painting, Family TREE, I have incorporated some vintage papers under the encaustic wax.

Here are a couple of vintage books I have collected. Pages from these books have been used in many of my mixed media projects.
 To begin this painting, I glued on a vintage map and vintage sheet music to my board. Once dry, I added  some clear encaustic wax as well as white, green and blue encaustic wax.

The wax is somewhat translucent and I like how the map and papers show through.

  I like  grouping this larger painting with the mini nest painting. In my final step I added white encaustic "blossoms" to the branches giving the painting a great texture.


  1. That REALLY works. The map is a great backdrop. I have piles and piles of such books... Are your birds carved stamps or paintings? So curious about your work!
    Autumn Clark

  2. oh, ditto about those wonderful MAPS. these are FABULOUS!!!


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