Friday, February 26, 2010

Beauty from the Past . . .

I collect antique and vintage photographs.
I look for photos of women, children and families.
I thought I'd share a few.

Many of these photos are over 100 year old. They are still in great condition and the images are clear and vibrant.
Feel free to download any photo to use in your art. If you create something from these photos I would love to see your finished piece. Have a wonderful weekend.

 One last photo.


  1. Lovely photos and thank you for generously offering them for use

    Have a lovely weekend


    ps. love your birdcage mosaic!

  2. Lovey, thanks for stopping by. You do amazing art with vintage photos.

  3. I like the last one best. I have some old photos of my family. They are special treasures.

  4. Hey Cory,
    Thanks - the last photo is fun. I was over at your site and your mixed media piece is wonderful! Also, just love the photos of the almond orchard and mustard fields.

  5. Thanks for stopping by. I am having so much fun playing around with my arts and crafts.


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