Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free Vintage Images for Your Artwork

I have collected quite a few vintage books and papers over the years. I thought I would share. Here are some wonderful vintage images for you to use in your mixed media artwork.

Feel free to use these vintage images by printing them and combining them in your creative pieces.

 Check back often, I will be posting more fun free images!


  1. Those old books look amazing. I collect old children's books. Are the illustrations inside just as lovely?

  2. I love old books too. The first book is a song book. It has some images but mostly sheet music. The last book is from the 1940's and it has some great images. I'll post a few of the images next week. :)

  3. We collect a lot of old children's books, too. I just adore them.

    I'm glad you liked our hanging heart bags, and thanks for stopping by. Right now I have posted a scarf refashion. Turned a shirt into a gorgeous scarf.

  4. These images are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!


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