Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation - part 1

We love baseball! My son plays and my daughters play softball.
My son played on the All Star team this summer.

His team played other teams in the area .    They won . . .

 . . . and won . . .
. . . and they made it to the state championship.
Here they played other teams from around the state of Washington.

 They won . . .
 . . .  and won  . . .
until it was down to two teams. Our team and one other.
 It was very exciting. Such a great group of boys - they worked hard and played well. They came in 2nd place. I think not winning the championship was a lot harder on the parents than the boys. It was a little disappointing since they came so far in the event, but they really were great sports about everything.
It was a lot of baseball over 10 days. (I was even dreaming about the different plays.) Some great "life lessons" and a wonderful time with "my guy."

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