Monday, January 10, 2011

Mixed Media Encaustic Paintings

I have been creating some new mixed media encaustic paintings. Working with encaustic beeswax is such a wonderful medium to incorporate paper. I love using vintage sheet music, old maps and other papers.
When you layer the clear encaustic wax over the paper and heat the wax, the paper becomes somewhat translucent. The images on the back side of the paper are visible as well as the images on the front.
The wax gives the paper a dreamy quality that I love. Layering the paper and wax creates wonderful depth to the painting. It's just one of the creative aspects about encaustic painting that I find so fascinating.


  1. Love Encaustics! The wax is so yummy! Beautifully done...

  2. I just started working with beeswax. I like your little round circles like Dippn'Dots ice cream. How do you do that? Nice work

  3. Thanks - as for the little "Dippn/Dots" (great description) I use an electric batik tool that creates these wonderful little dots. This tool has a small reservoir that holds the melted wax. I can't remember where I got the tool but I bet you could find it at an online encaustic supply shop.


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