Monday, February 7, 2011

Vintage Locket Necklaces

I love lockets. 
Lockets can hold special photos or little mementos.
This is a filigree locket. Filigree lockets like these were used in Victorian times  by women who wanted to carry a lovely scent with them. They would insert a piece of cloth or some cotton soaked in their favorite perfume into the locket and wear it around their necks
 On this locket I attached a lovely rhinestone vintage brooch.
 This is an affirmation pendant inspired by the creative spirit in each of us. This locket can be used as a gentle reminder to “spread your wings and achieve your dreams.” Inside the locket, a piece of vintage sheet music has the word “dream” and opposite the word dream is an image of a vintage butterfly.
A lovely cluster of pastel flowers adorn this locket.
 All of these lockets are in my shop here


  1. It would be really interesting to hear about how you hunt out all these beautiful pieces to work with. It's really a lovely collection.

  2. Thanks, Bethany. I find my vintage pieces at Goodwill, estate sales, second hand stores and on Etsy. I take apart vintage pieces that are broken or not so interesting and then combine the pieces together to create some new jewelry. Many of these necklaces are a combination of vintage pieces and new pieces.

  3. Susan!
    Delighted to meet you!
    So happy you found BLooming on Bainbridge which leads me to discover your lovely blog and jewelry!
    I LOVE your style!
    Love the painted tiles below!
    Will pop over to your Etsy shoppe!
    ENJOY the weekend!
    Again...delighted to meet you!


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