Thursday, September 1, 2011

LOVE under the BIG TOP

Fireflies were everywhere as she walked through the open field toward the tent. The circus was leaving early in the morning. Clara knew she had to go see the show one more time. When she arrived, the huge tent was almost full.  She found a seat near the front. Her small suitcase was stuffed with her most precious items. It fit perfectly under the wood bench. This was it, was she going to give up the life she knew for him? Then she saw him, her heart gave her the answer. 
 I collect vintage photographs. I imagine the life these people possibly lived. Creating stories with my art is such fun.

This original encaustic mixed media painting of Clara and Her Circus Lover is painted on a piece of wood cut into the shape of a circus tent. It is ready to hang on the wall or it can sit on a shelf or mantle.

1 comment:

  1. The artwork and the story that goes with it are both fantastic! Lots of fun.


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