Saturday, June 2, 2012

Re-Purposed Bowling Bag

During one of my thrifting trips, I came across a light blue and white bowling bag.
This bag is from the '80's. It's hard for me to think that the "80's are "vintage." It seems like yesterday I was dancing to the Beegees
Okay, I have to admit I thought John Travolta was hot in this movie.
 Any way, these old bowling bags are so roomy inside. There is a piece of wood and a metal frame in the bottom of the bag. Since it was made to hold a bowling ball this bag could carry some really heavy items. 
It would be perfect to store a hair dryer and other beauty items. Or it could be used as a fun handbag. I painted these fun pink flowers too.
I have this fun re-purposed bag in my shop here.


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