Thursday, June 21, 2012

Romantic Photos

I love vintage photographs.  The wonderful patina of time gives them such a beautiful romantic look. I wanted to create the same kind of feeling with my photography. 
  I've been playing around with some filters and overlays on my photos to try and create that style.
Here is a photo showing the before and after using textures, text and filter effects.
Using filters and overlays, I can create that romantic vintage style I like.
I found a free online photo editor called iPiccy. This site is great.  It has so many different effects you can use on you photos. It's really quite easy and fun.
 Using filters, boarders, text and other effects you can transform your photos into works of vintage art too.


  1. These are amazing. Makes me want to put my paint brush down, pick up the camera and take a Photoshop class.

  2. This is cool! Can you be more specific in the filters and textures you used?


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