Thursday, July 17, 2014


I was one of those girls who just LOVED horses. I lived in the suburbs and we definitely didn't have room for a horse. But my love of horses led me to collect Breyer toy horses. I had these horsed lined up on a book shelf. Many years later, I have found some vintage Breyer horses like the ones I use to collect. I have updated them using white and gold paint giving them a fun new look.
 This is a fun DIY if you have some vintage plastic horses.
First I spray-painted the plastic horses with white gloss paint. I lightly spayed the paint on the horses.

I did about four coats of paint and let the paint dry between each coat.

 Then I painted the hooves and part of the leg with liquid gold leaf. I was able to just dip each leg into the bottle of paint. I only needed to do one coat of the gold paint.
I think these horses look updated and have a fun modern style. This is an easy DIY project you can do yourself. Or you can purchase this set in my shop here.

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