Friday, April 2, 2010

Wash Day . . .

I've added a few new paintings to my shop this week. This sweet 5" x 5" painting called Wash Day, incorporates a page from a vintage dictionary, sheet music and some French words that say - perhaps.

For this mixed media piece, I used old street maps to create the house and trunk of the tree. A cute gift for newly weds or new home owners.

More butterflies, perfect for a spring decor. Blue and yellow one of my favorite color combinations.

Blues and greens highlight this piece called Spring Time Forest.


  1. wonderful compositions, love the color palette!

  2. ~wash make it look so inviting! beautiful prints you have created...well wishes and blessings upon you always~

  3. so lovely & bright. I love popping in here to see what you have done.

  4. Congratulations to your listing in "The best 47 photo blogs on the web"!

    Sue's Daily Photography

  5. Hi SUsan, I have the flags at home! thank you so much, my girls love them! big kiss

    Tierra Helada


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