Monday, November 29, 2010

Vintage Jeweled Necklaces

I have been busy creating necklaces for my shop.  This sweet necklace is made up with bits and pieces -  an antique porcelain doll head, vintage jewelry, jade and ribbon highlight this fun necklace.
This beautiful necklace is one of a kind in delicious pinks.
Rainbow rhinestones, a vintage key and a  heart charm highlight this long necklace.
Lots of rhinestones with yellow and white flowers are used in creating this re-purposed jeweled necklace 
This necklace is made using a vintage turquoise beaded necklace, charms and a vintage chandelier charm.
Gold & rhinestones make up this vintage re-purposed jeweled statement necklace.
 I really like how this necklace turned out. I used a variety of vintage pins along with a black rhinestone bracelet.
This delicate necklace is made from a vintage pin. I've added some cabochon flowers and a lovely little dove.


  1. WOW- they are all gorgeous!!!!!
    a fellow etsy gal :)

  2. So many beautiful necklaces!! I've almost blown my budget at Etsy this month already, but I may have to peek in at your shop. Thanks for sharing.



  3. Your work is stunning - beautiful pieces!
    : )

  4. lovely stuff
    I featured you in my latest wedding inspiration
    (but don't worry I linked back here)
    The 6th one down is my fave


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