Friday, October 7, 2011

girlfriends . . .

are sisters you choose.
I love this phrase and I have incorporated it into a new "girlie" pink and orange encaustic mixed media painting.
I think this photograph of these girlfriends is so sweet. This photo is from my father's 5th grade class photo dated 1935.

My dad grew up in a small town in South Dakota. The "Great Depression" was in full swing.  I'm very fortunate; my dad lives down the street from me. He's a healthy and active 85 years old. When he talks about his childhood during the "Great Depression" he only has good memories - 5 cent movies, going to the local swimming pool and visiting his grandparent's farm, to name a few. Thank goodness, our memories “fog” the bad times in our life and make the happy times even better. Many families and people of my father's childhood went without quite often, their struggles created an amazing generation of people who accomplished so much.

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  1. This collage is brilliant! You have included so much detail ~ simply amazing!


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