Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Custom Bridesmaid Necklaces

I just finished a set of custom bridesmaid necklaces.
The bride's colors were an aqua blue and a lovely cream white.
I thought these necklaces looked quiet nice lined up and the winter sun gave them a beautiful glow. The wedding isn't until the spring, but after the wedding I'm hoping to see some photos of the bridesmaids with their necklaces.


  1. Hello Susan and greetings from Wichita, Kansas! You have so much inspiration here on your blog. Love it! The necklaces turned out so delicate, feminine and pretty...I can just picture the pretty girls all lined up wearing them.

  2. Hi Susan, how are you doing? I found you via Pinterest. You have great artwork and jewellery (I have a shop on Etsy too called Colour of Pomegranates and am in the process of replenishing it). What caught my eye also is your name as it is Armenian and so am I. And finally, we both live not too far from each other, I am in Vancouver. anyway, my son is pulling me as our game of monopoly is set up and ready to go... take care :)
    my blog - www.colourofpomegranates.com


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