Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY Nest Spoon Ornaments

I have created some  nest spoon ornaments for my shop. I thought I would share with you how to make your own shabby chic spoon ornament.
 For this ornament you will need a spoon. I use vintage silver plated spoons. You can find these spoons at garage sales or thrift stores. Another idea is to use a pretty spoon that may have been chewed up in the disposal.
You will also need some wire, a bit of moss, ribbon and  beads. I used fresh water pearls but any kind of bead will work.
On my spoon ornaments I added some rhinestones and a bird charm. I hand stamped the word nest onto the spoon. This step is not necessary because the ornament looks just as cute without the hand stamped word.
To make this ornament I used a drill and created a small hole in the handle of the spoon. I then attached some wire and a bit of ribbon.
To create the nest, I glued some moss and three pearl beads onto the spoon. If you like you can glue on a little bird charm as well.  The glue I use is E6000. You can purchase this glue online or at a craft store like Michael's. Let the glue set overnight.
The next day I glued some rhinestones onto the handle of the spoon. I let that glue set overnight as well.  
This is a fun and easy project.
These ornaments make fantastic hostess gifts
 Put these pretty nests on a Christmas tree or hang them in your kitchen as a tiny work of art.
Have fun creating your own ornament or you can purchase one of these pretty ornaments from my shop here.


  1. I just saw these on Pinterest....they're very pretty. Thanks for sharing how you make them!

    1. Hi Marie, thanks for stopping by. It's my pleasure to share this project. I used tablespoons to make these spoon nest ornament, but I think it would be sweet to use some tiny collectible spoons to make these ornaments too.

  2. I have been making these for a while. Looking for vintage birds is so much fun. I also tried it on the tiny collectable spoons, but substituted a nest of fine gold craft wire for the moss. I removed 2/3 of the handle and bent the rest to form a loop for a pendant.

  3. Hi Marie, These are SO lovely! Question: How do you clean the silver over time?


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