Friday, October 2, 2009

Circle of Friends Weekend and Workshop

Next weekend ( Oct. 9, 10 & 11) I will teaching a workshop at Islandwood for their Circle of Friends retreat.
Islandwood is an absolutely  beautiful and amazing place for children to learn about nature, the environment, cooperation and many, many other wonderful lessons and skills. The Circle of Friends weekend  retreat helps financially support the programs at Islandwood. It also is a fantastic way for women to come together and rekindle relationships, take great workshops (I will be teaching one), make new friends, enjoy the beauty of nature and have some wonderfully delicious food. Here are some photos from Islandwood.
Suspension Bridge
A suspension bridge traverses Mac's Stream and the steep slopes on either side. The bridge gives students a bird's eye view of the forest canopy and prevents erosion that would otherwise occur from the development of trails in the area. 
Pacific Tree Frog
The Pacific Treefrog is the smallest and most common frog in the Pacific Northwest. They live in wet meadows, riparian areas, or far from water in brush or woods. This tiny commonly heard frog is active both day and night. They are very vocal and can be heard most of the year. 
Mac's Pond
Mac's pond was created by an earthen dam built in the 1880s to provide drinking water to the people in Blakely harbor. The pond is the site of a floating classroom, where field groups of students participate in water-quality testing, creative writing, and sketching. 

There are still some spaces left to participate. If you are interested contact Margaret Powers at 206.855.7031.
This is truly a relaxing and renewing weekend (and did I mention I will be teaching a workshop!) 


  1. What a great weekend you'll have.
    Thanks for stopping by our Blog!

  2. love your work!! especially with the butterflies and the birds. Very cool.

  3. Looks like a wonderful place. Congrats on your teaching - hope it goes well.

  4. Thanks for the IW Plug! We are so lucky to have you. I'm taking your first class with my mom!

  5. Thanks Wendy, I'm so excited to be a part of Circle of Friends again!


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