Friday, October 2, 2009

Ghostly Art

Here are a couple of paintings to add to my Halloween theme. This piece has a  sort of"Bonnie and Clyde" style I think.

This is a fun encaustic painting. I have incorporated a lot of vintage papers from old magazines. The photo of the four young men has special meaning for me. The young man, second from the right, is my father's father. I didn't get to know my granddad - he died when I was a year old, but I have used this image in many pieces of my art. I have looked at these four guys so many times over the years they are now familiar "old friends." The original photo is a postcard written to my grandfather's mother. It's very sweet. He explains who the other young men are giving me a glimpse into my grandfather's early years as a young man.
This second encaustic painting incorporates my "crows." I transferred the images onto dress makers patterns. Splattering the red encaustic wax gives it a great contrast in colors as well as an "edgy feel."

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