Tuesday, January 5, 2010

In the GARDEN . . .

Here is another painting I have in a show this month. This is a large piece measuring 36 inches by 36 inches by 2 inches. When I  was creating the leaf pattern I was thinking of the beautiful India henna hand painting called Mehandi.


The leaves and swirls are raised and create a great texture. The spoke-wheel shapes are carved into the wax and a white oil paint has been rubbed into the carved circles and lines. Lately I have been working with smaller painting (easier to sell) and it really is fun to play with a larger canvas.


  1. Wow, I can only image how much time that took you to do. Such a large canvas and such detail! Very nice.


  2. This is gorgeous. I love the colors.

  3. Absolutely stunning!!! Wonderful colors!

  4. Great colors. I love the blue and gree together. Great movement.


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