Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful Day for Sidewalk Art . .

We have been having  beautiful Spring like weather here in the Pacific Northwest. 
Yesterday we were outside working in the garden and my 9 year old created this masterpiece on the driveway.


  1. Thanks for your comment you left on my blog. You are now one of my "hearted" pages on Etsy, I 'fanned' you on facebook, and am following your blog!
    Check out my facebook page too if you like. It's called
    JoAnne Ruggeri "Quartz Inversion"

    I'm a big believer in mutual support!

  2. Thanks JoAnne. I've done the same!

  3. Oh this is cool to see since I'm looking out my window and a snow covered drive and falling snow. I think I forgot what a bare driveway looked like. Great art!


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