Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bunny Badges

I’ve been having fun with Spring Time themes in my Etsy shops. From the encaustic paintings to the romantic necklaces I’ve been making, you could say that I'm “springing out” all over.

Today I wanted to share some fun little "Bunny Badges" I’ve created using bits and pieces of pretty Spring colored  ribbon, beads and metal bunny stampings.
 These mixed media pins are fun and add a touch of whimsy to a jacket or handbag.


  1. Sweet oh how sweet. Wow, you are really a busy lady. Don't you just love creating. It always feels so good to keep busy in your studio.


  2. Thanks for stopping by Elena :)

  3. Hi Cory,
    Thanks! Busy? - I guess that is my life right now - - not to mention the start of baseball and softball for the kids - - talk about busy ;P


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