Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wearable Art

Here are some new pieces of jewelry I've been creating. I thought it would be fun to display these necklaces inside a frame. I think the gold frame really sets off the jewelry making the necklaces look like fun pieces of art. You can find these feminine necklaces in my shop, Red Truck Designs.


  1. For sure, it'd be lovely as a gift for my mom on mother's day .. sadly, I'm broke. But susan, the gold frame really expresses the necklace awesomely. =D amazing! this is a great piece of art

  2. Just beautiful! Right Tanya...great Mother's Day gift. One for this mom and one for mine! So pretty, going to the shop now...

  3. Thank you TanyaMarie and Micah for stopping by and your great comments! :)


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