Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring = Baseball

I wanted to share with you how my family and I spend many an evening and weekend during the Spring or Baseball season.
 I have three children playing either baseball or softball on three different teams all through March, April, May and into June.
The kids love this sport. They have such fun and have created some wonderful friendships.  Also the lessons of teamwork, focus, sportsmanship and learning to accept the loses along with the wins has been fantastic.
They play a game on Saturdays and one or two games in the evenings on weeknights. I usually pack a dinner picnic and bundle up (still rather cool here.)
But when the sun comes out and it warms up, it's really a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.


  1. Great fun! We do the same only it's the soccer fields you will catch us on ;)

  2. Hopefully a fun time was had by all : )

    Some day the kids will grow up & you'll have great memories to cherish!

  3. Kids baseball in the Spring time is the greatest. Thanks for the fun post and great photos.

  4. No games tonight - lots of rain. But we are on for a baseball game tomorrow evening. Hoping for clear skies and mild temps.


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