Thursday, May 26, 2011

Handmade & Vintage

 When I first found this tray I noticed it was made in France. I wasn't sure exactly what it was used for. It is made from a  rather thick metal and the indentations are not very deep. I thought it must have been used for baking or cooking in the oven. Could it have been a child's toy or perhaps some dish for baked goods? But that just didn't seem right, the indentations are so slight. So, I thought about a special meal I have had that is quintessentially French.
Yes, this is a vintage escargot - snail - dish. I think this dish would be cute holding jewelry or some supplies on a desk if one is not interested in eating smails.
 I love the fabric on this vintage style tote. I made these totes a few years ago and I have a couple left that I will be adding to my shop. This tote has a vinyl cover that protects the fabric making this tote great for the beach.
 This is a lovely  set of vintage earrings and necklace . It is made from glass beads from W. Germany. So pretty for a wedding or summertime event.
This black chair necklace is rather striking. I think it would be a great gift for an interior designer.
I love the look of these vintage slotted spoons.
Cute vintage light blue enamel flower pin 
Peaches & cream are the color combination on this Mad Men style necklace
A lovely vintage rosary.

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  1. what a beautifully presented collection of goodys...picture poetry xx
    Hugs Lynn xx


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