Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bookmark Jewels

Jeweled ribbon bookmark charms. Something pretty for the bibliophile.


  1. i printed out your encaustic butterfly instructions from HOliday book from..i think Somerset. anyway, just got time to look at it. after 2 days of encaustic classes with patricia baldwin...i have read about 10 articles on encaustics and each has as different view of materials. you mention WOOD, but you don't' say what kind. Some teachers say only Clayboard..or Encaustic Board..or Pine..etc. but there are some woods that don't' work. i tried one. i have no idea what kind it was..left from some shelving..and it didn't' work. you also mention beeswax, but then include resin in the supplies. I ;have encaustic wax..which includes the resin...or dan mar crystals..are you saying you only use the beeswax and then add the crystals in YOUR work? there are some classes near me that only use beeswax...so exactly what to use is a big question. i have not done much since my classes last aug because i don't' want to waste my expensive materials..and would like to use less expensive if i were sure they would work!
    can you help? judy in mesa arizona judystih@aol.com or...awingandapear@blogspot.com


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